Running for Recovery

Howard's Rehab Journey Here at PhysioFunction, Moulton, Northampton

Howard was in the army and lived a typical army life.....when not on duty, drinking and smoking!  This lead to Howard suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure).

Howard came out of the army and became a security guard.  After all the exercise in the army his now more sedentary lifestyle led to Howard putting on some weight.

In July 2013 Howard had a cycle crash which landed him in Portsmouth hospital for 4 days with a broken left femur which is now held together with a titanium rod.  Whilst recovering from this he learnt the importance of having a strong emotional and physical network in place.

10 years ago Howard decided to join a running club and took part in 10k events, half marathons, marathons, triathlons & endurance events which included a 9 mile river Thames swim. He also took part in a local event, that included a 35 mile run/walk over fields.

Howard had also planned to do a swim/run event and his fitness levels were high.

In November 2016, after a swim Howard felt unsteady on his feet and was sick, luckily there was a Paramedic getting changed in the next cubicle to him, as he woke up 2 weeks later in Intensive Care at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

He was diagnosed with a brain bleed which had clotted in the brain stem and caused a Stroke.  Howard spent a month in hospital and lost 98% of his endurance and strength.  The Stroke damaged his Vestibular System, which meant that he had lost all sense of balance, had constant motion sickness, weakness in his left side (mainly arm) and his ability to concentrate was limited.  The sickness and dizziness continually impacts on his day to day life.

Howard was discharged from hospital and the NHS provided him with gym sessions at his local gym, but as his blood pressure was still quite high, he was unable to continue with the sessions.

PhysioFunction were recommended to Howard earlier on in the year and he met with one of our Neurological Physiotherapists.  Howard and his physiotherapist were able to set some goals to achieve, the first being to tackle his balance issues.  Once he has this under control, the long term goals they have set are:

2018 To take part in a 33 mile run around Ripon, North Yorkshire and in 2019 to complete a Long Distance Triathlon.

Luckily for Howard, the fact that he was fit has helped him tremendously in his recovery.

" Meeting with the PhysioFunction team was the start of my post Stroke has ever said NO YOU CAN'T DO THIS, but HOW CAN WE HELP YOU ACHIEVE THAT!" Howard - Northampton

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Howard's Rehab Journey Here at PhysioFunction, Moulton, Northampton

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