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    The recovery and rehabilitation of the arm and hand after neurological injury, illness or disease is often slow and difficult. The arm and hand is designed to perform very skilled movements which allow us to do day to day activities. These can include, using our phones and tablets, picking up objects, opening jars, turning pages, sorting coins, eating food, the list goes on. To allow us to perform all of these intricate tasks the brain is wired to the hand for speed and accuracy. This makes it very vulnerable to injury and consequently rehabilitation can be slow.

    At PhysioFunction we use a range of ‘hands on’ techniques and rehabilitation technology to promote rehabilitation and maximise the outcomes of therapy. It is important to keep the muscles and joints of the hand and arm as healthy as possible and this remains a key focus throughout rehabilitation. The aim of physiotherapy is to achieve as much function as possible and work towards an individual’s own goals. In some instances we will use rehabilitation technology to allow our patients to use their arm and hand in ways that they would otherwise be unable to do so.

    Claire Everett, Senior Neurophysio & Matt White, Neurological & Technology Specialist

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