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GripAble is a mobile sensor-based device that can be used to train your hand function. The activities help people work on their hand and arm movement and grip strength, providing real-time feedback on activity levels.

GripAble connects to an app and tracks your progress on-line.

  • Can be used at our clinic during your physio sessions and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Your rehab goals can be set on the app - tracked by yourself on your physio.
  • Motivating activities that you can follow on the app to help train your hand movements.
  • Easy to set up: simply switch on and start your exercises.
  • Small and portable

The GripAble can be used in clinic or/and at home to increase the use which can help maximise your potential recovery.

Arm & Hand Rehabilitation

As well as providing hands-on facilitation for upper limb rehab we also utilise technology

To understand more about the:

  • Technology available for arm & hand rehabilitation.
  • Benefits of using technology as part of your rehabilitation.

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