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Jon Graham - Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist/Clinical Director and Business Owner

Jon obtained his Batchelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Teesside in 1992. He also holds a Masters’ Degree in Cognitive Psychology.

Jon is a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist with extensive experience of treating adults and adolescents with complex Neurological conditions and Polytrauma using manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and technology. He contributes as a Physiotherapy Expert to charities including Different Strokes and the Spinal Injury Association in their newsletters and discussion forums. He has delivered presentations on Physiotherapy for Neurological Conditions and Technology for Neurological Rehabilitation at a number of conferences, seminars,educational study days and exhibitions. Jon is recognised as an international expert in Neurological Physiotherapy and he has taught post-graduate therapy skills courses and Technology Skills (REX Exoskeleton, FES, NMES, Saeboflex) to Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists across the UK and abroad (Canada, Croatia, India, Qatar, Lebanon,Greece).

Jon prepares Physiotherapy medico-legal reports, and has prepared quantum reports for Claimants, quantum and causality reports for Defendants and quantum reports for both parties as a Single Joint Expert. He has also been instructed by solicitors to prepare reports since 2012 addressing the suitability of and potential benefits of exoskeleton technology use for claimants.

Jon, along with wife Emma are the owners and Clinical Directors of PhysioFunction,which provides private out-patient and community neurological rehabilitation,musculoskeletal physiotherapy, sports therapy, nutrition and personal training services.

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