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Desmotec D-Line and V-Line

The Desmotec D-Line and V-Line machines combine eccentric flywheel training with dedicated training software to maximise the effectiveness of resistance training and optimise results.

Eccentric flywheel training focuses exercise on the eccentric phase of movements. Eccentric movements are crucial to our day-to-day function, they are controlled movements in which the active muscle is lengthened such as slowing or stopping when walking to cross the road or sitting down into a chair. Eccentric muscle power allows you to move with control and efficiency, improving function and reducing the risk of injury. Using eccentric movements in training helps to enhance muscle activation and maximise strength gains.

The D-Line involves a platform and harness, allowing the user to perform standing, weight-bearing exercises including squats, lunges and dead lifts with enhanced loads applied through the centre of the body, rather than having to place a bar on the shoulders.

The V-Line is a vertical tower allowing a plethora of exercises to target the upper and lower body, improving control and muscle power.

The integrated software allows session results to be stored and analysed, progress to be monitored and exercise performance to be optimised in real-time, guaranteeing effective exercise.

The Desmotec Eccentric Flywheel machines are available for use at our Spratton facility by both PhysioFunction and PFit clinics, under the supervision of our trained Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists and Personal Trainers.

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