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EasyStand Glider for Active Standing

The benefits of the active standing design used in the Easystand Glider are upper body strengthening and movement in the lower body, this is what makes the Easystand Glider stand out from a normal passive standing frame. Active standing technology enables the user to move a handle with their arms (a carer is also able to) which then creates the reciprocating movement in the legs. The Glider seat has hinged detachable sections, one for each leg, so to permit the full extension of the limb whilst standing. It is this sort of advanced active standing technology which contributes towards medical benefits achieved through standing and keeps the body in shape for further medical improvements. This has been confirmed in several research programs which suggest that the use of an active standing frame, such as the Easystand Glider, can positively contribute towards an individual’s health.

EasyStand Glider for Easier Transfers

The Easystand Glider model, with a wide seat, as well as flip-up kneepads make transferring between a seated and standing position easier. A positioning bar is available to provide a secure grip and if needed, a client lift can also be utilised to transfer a user into the standing frame.

EasyStand Glider for Adjustability & Customisation

Whatever height and ability of the user, the Glider is easy to customise and make bespoke to your needs. Whilst the user is standing, they are able to alter the resistance cylinders themselves, with twelve different resistance settings available. The depth of the seat, angle of the back, kneepad and footplate height, as well as handle height are all easy to adjust to suit the user’s needs.

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