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New Spratton Clinic Open and Treating Clients

After the first couple of weeks at our new clinic at Spratton, we can report that it has been a success! We have been able to bring back some staff that were furloughed and they are all getting used to wearing their PPE gear and as usual continue to sterilise areas/items before and after a client uses them.

The clinic has been divided into different zones, so no-one else will come into the zone you are using whilst having your treatment. Clients appointments are also staggered, so appointments won't overlap and you shouldn't come into contact with other clients during your visit.

All physiotherapists will now be routinely tested for Covid19, so you can be sure your visit will be entirely free of any Covid19 threat.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact or call 0800-043-0327 as appointments are getting booked up quite quickly now!

If you are unable to get to the clinic you may benefit from Telerehab from one of our team of therapists who have been championing remote therapies.

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