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Balance Tutor helped Steph Run Again.

Having never fully recovered from an injury in her twenties, Steph eventually underwent knee replacement surgery in her forties.

After the surgery Steph had poor range of movement and pain in the knee which meant she had to return to surgery to have her knee manipulated. This surgery was undertaken so that she could flex the knee more.

However, Steph still struggled with weakness in the knee and poor range of movement that left her with a limp. She found stairs a problem and

had to step down them one step at a time, making the process very slow.

Having first undergone an assessment in August, Steph came to PhysioFunction in September 2018 for 10 sessions on the Balance Tutor initially completing x1 session per week for x8 weeks. The last x2 sessions were taken after a few weeks break, as Steph unfortunately broke her toe and had to wait for that to heal.

Steph is now able to walk down the stairs in a normal pattern and she feels that her legs are stronger and balance better. Her walking is now faster and she can walk for longer periods of time, without a limp.

As a keen traveller Steph found that when travelling her knee was getting swollen and stiff. This is no longer the case and she doesn’t have to use the ‘moving walkways’ at the airport anymore!

Steph has achieved her goal of being able to get down the stairs and can now comfortably get down the stairs in a normal pattern.

Most impressively Steph is now able to run again. The Balance Tutor has given her the confidence to independently run on the treadmill alone at home.

“Following a Total Knee Replacement and 6 months of rehabilitation I was recommended to try the Balance Tutor and I am so glad that I did. After only 10 sessions my limp has disappeared, my strength and stability is greatly improved and I am confident to continue with the jogging level we progressed to. Attached to the secure harness the Balance Tutor gave me the ability to try movements I could not do during normal exercises, allowing my muscles to develop their responsive actions and memory. Thank you Helen and PhysioFunction.” Steph

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