Saebo for upper limb rehabilitation

Saebo products enable people with neurological impairments such as stroke the ability to work on their hand function in physiotherapy sessions and at home.


SaeboFlex is an arm training programme designed to help recovery of arm function following an neurological injury. The hand therapy device assists with thumb and finger extension so that grasp and release tasks can be accomplished. The SaeboFlex is suitable for stroke, head injury, spinal injury and cerebral palsy. Clients several years post injury can benefit from the SaeboFlex.

SaeboReach incorporates the affected wrist, hand and elbow. The custom made above elbow cuff allows patients to use their elbow in functional uses, for example, in reaching during grasp and release activities. Along with repetitive task orientated activities the SaeboReach is a highly effective orthosis for maximising arm and hand recovery.

SaeboGlove is a light weight design that helps neurological and orthopedic clients with finger and thumb extension. The SaeboGlove positions the wrist and fingers into extension in preparation for functional activities. The client grasps an object by voluntarily flexing the fingers. The extension system assists with re-opening the hand to release the object.

SaeboStretch uses a revolutionary stretch technology, which allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and tone. The SaeboStretch can overcome issues which can result from traditional splints, namely deformity, joint damage, hypermobility and contractures. It includes three interchangeable hand peices, each with a different grade of resistance. This further protects joints and allows the clinician to customise it for individual needs. The liner is easily removed for routine cleaning

SaeboMAS is a dynamic mobile arm support system with zero gravity, specifically designed to challenge and incorporate the weakened shoulder and elbow during functional tasks and exercises. SaeboMAS enables the patient to perform exercises, as well as self-care activities. It also aids the patient to take part in proven treatment techniques which consist of repetitive tasks which would otherwise have been difficult or impossible. The SaeboMAS is table-mounted, height adjustable, lightweight and portable. It has an elbow support and an adjustable spring base offering various levels of assistance to the user. Multi-directional activities can be achieved.

The Myo Trac Infiniti is a portable biofeedback electrical stimulation system designed for neurological and orthopaedic patients. This is a device which offers both the Biofeedback Triggered Stimulation along with revolutionary Foot Drop technology. There are a number of programmes, including Electrical Stimulation, Reciprocal EMG Triggered Stimulation (RETS), Biofeedback and Specialised Foot Drop Stimulation Programme.

EMG Stimulation is the combination of biofeedback and stimulation and is based on the user’s voluntary muscle activity. The clinician will set the prescribed threshold that the client must reach. Once the client exceeds this threshold, they are rewarded with stimulation to the activated muscles. Patients who suffer from Dropped Foot can also benefit from the MyoTrac. The unique Foot Drop stimulation can trigger stimulation to the nerve and muscles, allowing the foot to lift and clear during walking. This aids motor relearning and aims to improve the patient’s gait.

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