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Phil’s Stroke Rehab Journey

We are supporting Stroke Awareness month by sharing some of our client’s Stroke rehabilitation journey’s.

Many thanks to Phil Pickett for letting us share his story.

Phil had a Stroke in 2014 whilst living overseas and afterwards he was left with a left sided weakness.

In June 2018, Phil came to PhysioFunction and at the time could stand with a Rotastand, no active movement in left arm, unable to step and poor exercise tolerance.

Phil’s goals at the time were to be able to walk a few steps, go fly fishing and to use a knife and fork.

Up until March 2019, Phil regularly attended therapy 1-2 times a week up using hands on therapy, hydrotherapy and FES cross trainer. Phil was also now able to walk approximately 10-15 metres with the Topro frame and was gaining some shoulder activity.

Following the return of face-to-face clinic sessions in June 2020, Phil came back to the PhysioFunction clinic for twice weekly sessions. As Phil had purchased a home exercise bike during lockdown and had been keeping up his home exercise programme, the physio team concentrated on his hands-on therapy in the clinic.

Phil had maintained stepping ability but was struggling to walk 10 metres without a rest, so the team focused on transfer ability, strength and balance in standing and upper limb recovery of his range of movement and shoulder/elbow activity. After 8 months of twice weekly sessions, Phil gradually improved his exercise tolerance, walking ability and started gaining more shoulder activity.

In February 2021, Phil added in a third session to include time with Rhiannon, our Nutritional Coach. Rhiannon supports Phil with nutritional advice and coaching to aid weight loss and improve general well-being. He has also undertaken an upper limb programme with the Intento device.

Goals that Phil has achieved.

  1. Phil can now walk 20 metres with a quadstick and very close supervision, and with facilitation he can walk outdoors with the quadstick.
  2. It is now also much easier for Phil to get in and out of the car with his wife.
  3. The next aim is to be confident at home transferring with the quad stick.
  4. Phil has also managed to lose some weight and reports he feels energised following his sessions with Rhiannon.
  5. Phil has also been on a fishing trip with Jon Graham, PhysioFunction’s Clinical Director in Summer 2020, and is planning more trips with Jon in 2021 – he has also booked a fishing trip on a holiday planned with his wife in Whitby later in the year.
  6. The PhysioFunction team continue to work with the Intento and GripAble to achieve Phil’s goal of using a knife and fork.



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