PhysioFunction & Self-Isolation or Social Distancing

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Physiofunction has always advocated that the combination of hands-on therapy, technology and exercise is the best way to help our clients achieve their rehabilitation goals. The current Covid-19 outbreak is creating a challenge for our expert team to deliver skilled hands on therapy to some of our clients. However, it has also created an opportunity to support all our clients more effectively at home through the wider adoption of Telerehab amongst our clients.

Telerehab is “rehabilitation supported from afar” and can be delivered using readily available technology - smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs. With Telerehab, you can continue to engage in 1:1 treatment with your usual treating clinicians, and you can join familiar faces in online Neurofit sessions. We can guide your carers/ spouse/ partner to deliver “hands on” therapy. We can provide you with additional technology, similar to smartwatches, that measure and record your movements during the session that enable us to deliver these sessions even more effectively. We can you offer full support in setting up this technology at home. Some of our clients have already been benefiting from Telerehab for over a year. We are already experts at delivering Telerehab. It is not “new” for us at PhysioFunction.

We are Health-care Professionals and have always adhered to strict guidelines for infection control as our standard operating protocol. We believe with some additional precautionary measures that we may be able to offer you home visits in addition to Telerehab for those who are operating a Social Distancing strategy.

For further details or to sign up for Telerehab please contact 0800 043 0327 or


PhysioFunction will be moving to our new premises in Spratton and be operational from Wednesday April 1st 2020.

Our new address is:

Holdenby Road

Hawthorn Park


Northants NN6 7LD

For a map to the clinic click Spratton

We look forward to seeing you at the new clinic.