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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI)

An Acquired Brain Injury is an injury to the brain after birth. There are numerous potential causes including; falls, road accident, tumour, stroke or infection in the brain.

The difficulties experienced are not only physical but can also be emotional, behavioural, cognitive or social. The impairment depends on the area of injury within the brain and the extent of the damage. Some of the common impairments following ABI could be:

  1. Weakness or paralysis in muscles
  2. Tightness and reduced range of motion in muscles and joints
  3. Problems with co-ordination and balance, this could lead to falls
  4. Headaches and fatigue
  5. Difficulties performing domestic or personal activities
  6. Neuropathic Pain
  7. Mood changes or lack of concentration
  8. Difficulties with problem solving, planning or making decisions
  9. Speech or swallowing difficulties

Rehabilitation is vital after ABI and should be a priority to minimise as much impairment as possible and maximise your function.

A Neurological Physiotherapist specialising in treating people with ABI can help you overcome the challenges you face after ABI and improve your quality of life.

At PhysioFunction, our therapists are specialised and highly experienced in treating clients with ABI. Our physiotherapist will complete an initial assessment to determine your impairment and discuss your goals. Following this we create a bespoke therapy programme using hands on therapy, technology and exercises. The treatment plan is formulised to suit your needs and may include:

  1. Strength training- to facilitate and strengthen weak muscles to enable you with routine functional activities
  2. Stretching Programme – to improve flexibility of tight muscles
  3. Gait re-education
  4. Balance training Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill with NASA Technology and
  5. Functional electric stimulation for foot drop or other muscles or
  6. Virtual reality therapy for physical and cognitive rehabilitation
  7. Advice and treatment on pain management
  8. Upper limb rehabilitation and Hand therapy
  9. Advice and support with managing day to day activities
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