From Stroke To The Sahara

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From Stroke to Sahara … helping our client achieve their dream.

This April, our client Andy Ibbott is going to compete in the most gruelling event -  Marathon des Sables (MdS)     Known as the toughest footrace on Earth*, MdS takes place in the Sahara Desert and Andy will be expected to run a total of 156 miles in 6 days across endless dunes, rocky mountains and blistering white holt salt plains.  He will be participating in this event in 120-degree heat whilst wearing a weighty backpack containing food and equipment.

An extraordinary race … for extraordinary people and Andy is no exception. In March 2011, Andy suffered a massive stroke during a routine neck operation and his wife Donna was told the devastating news that he might not survive the next 72 hours.

Despite all the odds, Andy pulled through, although the effects of the stroke were very apparent, as he was unable to speak, swallow, move his right-hand side, and was fed through a tube in his stomach.  18 weeks later, Andy left hospital but at time was completely dependent on his family and friends.

Alongside family and friends and Andy himself, Jon Graham of PhysioFunction has played a crucial role in Andy’s rehabilitation, helping him to achieve his goals and regain independence.

Our series of news updates over the next few months in the run up to the Marathon De’Sables, will share with you, Andy’s journey of rehabilitation and challenges over the past six years, our role here at PhysioFunction in helping Andy and highlight not only Andy’s achievements but also those of Scope, the charity that Andy is aiming to raise £50,000 for, by competing in the MdS.

So, here at PhysioFunction over the next two months we are asking for two things!  

1. Please follow and share our news updates about Andy’s journey via our website and social media channels – links below.

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2. Help Andy meet his target of £25,000 by making a donation to Scope via the following link 

Let us know what your challenge is in 2017 .........this can be anything from making a cup of tea to moving an arm or  walking! 

Please donate to Scope.
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