Clinical Director Jon Graham and Rob Camm Travel to Rome to work with REX Bionics and the University of Houston Research Team

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This week Rob Camm took part in ground breaking research. Following a tragic accident in 2013, which left him paralysed from the neck down and needing a ventilator to breath, he travelled to Rome this week with PhysioFunction's Clinical Director, Jon Graham to work with Rex Bionics and the University of Houston Research Team to take part in research which enabled him to walk using a REX robotic device. Rob was able to walk and stop the REX using signals from his brain. this neural control is the result of mapping his thoughts about walking and using brain machine interface software to control the REX device.

Robert Camm, a 21 year-old quadriplegic wheel chair user, directs REX with Mind Control technology at the 2015 Meeting of Robotics: Science and Systems, Rome, Italy.

The Mind Control technology used in Rome has been developed at the Laboratory for Non-invasive Brain-Machine Interface Systems, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Houston, Texas, under the direction of Professor Jose Luis Contreras Vidal. The technology is an application of electroencephalography (EEG) - the recording of electrical activity along the scalp. The EEG application records the precise brain patterns of the REX user thinking about the process of walking; so that when the REX user, fitted with the robotic device linked to the EEG, initiates the thought of walking, a command is issued to the REX, which then responds by moving forwards.

At the conference, Rob walked in the REX while in complete and sole control, using the Mind Control technology. He was supported by a team of carers from his family and from PhysioFunction, one of the UK's leading neurological rehabilitation clinics.