Physiotherapy for people who are at risk of falls or have had falls.

People fall for many reasons. Disturbance in the systems of the inner ear, neurological disorders, muscle weakness, loss of joint range of movement, loss of ability to multi task, poor reflexes and changes to sensation are some of them.

Loss of Confidence in your Balance Skills.

Having just one fall can be stressful and traumatic. This can lead to a loss of confidence which often results in a person choosing to be less mobile and active to avoid the risk of falling again. Unfortunately, when you are less mobile and active, muscles become weaker and balance worsens raising the risk of falling again. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Balance Training can break this cycle.

How PhysioFunction Can Help You*

Strength Training

We can assess your current strength and prescribe an individualised exercise programme that not only builds muscle strength but also helps bone density and strength. Both strong muscles and strong bones reduce the risk of injury if you do fall. Our team will also teach techniques to cope when you do fall.

Balance Training

Once we have assessed your balance we can prescribe specific exercises for you to do to improve your balance. We will identify ways you can incorporate these into your daily routine and show you ways to keep progressing these exercises Balance Tutor Treadmill- (Perturbation Based Balance Training) The Balance Tutor provides a safe environment to build confidence and work on walking specific balance skills for people who have fallen and those at risk of falling. The harness ensures you are safe at all times and the unique specialist treadmill system creates lifelike disturbance of balance to work on normal balance reactions. Unlike other ways of practicing balance, the Balance Tutor makes it much harder to anticipate changes in direction resulting in a more appropriate stimulation of muscles, reflexes and nerve pathways. Sessions on the balance tutor will work your balance, strengthen the muscles used in walking and in balancing and can also provide a good aerobic workout.

Occupational Therapy

We can also undertake an Occupational Therapy assessment of your home environment to identify improvements that can be made to reduce the risk of falls.

*We would always recommend a medical assessment prior to starting a rehabilitation programme to identify any medical cause for a fall.

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