Jonathan Griggs

How PhysioFunction Helped Jonathan

Sitting here in the waiting room of the Chris Moody Centre set me thinking how had I got here? I was born in the mid-60s after what I am led to believe was a traumatic birth which resulted in my Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  As I grew up I learned the effects the ABI had on me, I found crowds of people intimidating and busy atmospheres - both visual and auditory hard to cope with.  My ABI also caused me to be moody and perhaps a bit abrupt at times.  My stamina is certainly reduced as is my ability to find words, I also find that I consume a lot of food and do not add weight, which I am told (from someone who had attended a lecture on nutrition for people with head injuries) is a symptom of ABI.  I have epilepsy too, however this is controlled with medication. 

After much frustration at fitting my square peg into a round hole (the NHS) I found myself at the Chris Moody Centre discussing a totally unrelated matter. Whilst waiting for the appointment I found a leaflet describing what PhysioFunction could provide.  Almost immediately I contacted them and a few days later I found myself back at the Chris Moody Centre seeing a physiotherapist about my leg.  After several sessions  I mentioned how quickly I went through shoe heels - the physiotherapist talked to the Clinical Director of the company and he came back with a list of suggestions, one of which was a SAFO.  So after a trip to the South Coast for a consultation which proved most fruitful and a return visit to collect the SAFO, I find that in the three years that I've had it I have not needed to replace my shoe heels.

At more or less the same time the physiotherapist told me about something called Neurofit, run by a personal trainer and a physiotherapist, which I likened to a gym session for people who have neurological injuries and a competitive nature. It also has improved my mental wellbeing. Initially the physiotherapist would hold my hemiplegic knee, which had a tendency to swing outwards when I did squats.  After six months of Neurofit I could see how much stronger my hemiplegic knee had become.

Another chance conversation with the Clinical Director of PhysioFunction led to a visit to a surgeon who has rebalanced my wrist so that now I have a lot more use of it.

As I write this the rehab continues, what further places will I visit on this incredible journey I have no idea but it is safe to say that there will be plenty of them.

How PhysioFunction Helped Jonathan

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