I was diagnosed with a vestibular deficit in January 2019. This became a chronic problem and the dizziness, headaches, lack of concentration and fatigue were having a detrimental effect on my life. After a long time searching for professional help, I was fortunate to find PhysioFunction. I initially saw Helen who helped me to understand my condition and how it was affecting me; tailoring the hospital exercises that I had been given to my individual needs. We started to work on my recovery and lockdown came. I continued my physio over Zoom with Taher who was able to adapt the exercises to my home environment and focus on my rehabilitation, addressing the new challenges of home working on my vestibular system. The return to clinic felt very safe as the Covid procedures were robust. Taher was also excellent in supporting me by contacting my doctor about further investigations and empowering me to ask for help from my employer. I feel that I have the tools now to keep working on and maintaining my progress, knowing that the support from PhysioFunction is always there.


Just a quick message to say thanks for Monday. It was good to see you (well sort of - through the PPE) and the others and to finally see the new place, which is great and will seem even better once you’re all settled in more and have the whole team back to norm.

It was good to not only see you but to have a good stretch!

Hope you have a good week.


I would like you all at PhysioFunction for coming up with the fantastic zoom video link.
Obviously not being able to attend hydrotherapy & physiotherapy has had a big impact on me.
I am so grateful to have the sessions via video link with you guys as it gives me the motivation to do the sessions knowing you can see me. I suffer with depression & do feel, left to my own fitness regime, I’d probably not have the enthusiasm to do it.
Just wanted to say thank you. This is a great way of motivation, means a lot to me.
Stay Safe! Hopefully things will get back to normality at some point.
Many thanks


I am heartened by the selflessness of Physiofunction staff as they call their clients to make sure they are equipped to continue their rehabilitation and wellbeing during the shutdown over Coronavirus outbreak.

I was impressed by the extra precautions that staff were taking in screening their staff and clients, social distancing and additional cleaning taking place during my last session. I am confident that they will have all the necessary safety measures in place to protect staff and clients when they open their new facilities in Spratton.

Wishing staff all the best in this difficult time.


Thank you Emma for an excellent diagnosis- you are so much more knowledgeable than other MSK physios and I always leave your session feeling completely confident going forwards.

Neil Burton

"At no point have I ever felt unsafe & the improvements are clear to see"

"I only have really positive things to say about PhysioFunction. As a severely disabled person on a ventilator, I found it difficult to get the physio I needed through the NHS simply down to the lack of resources, PhysioFunction was recommended to me and since then my physio has come on leaps and bounds. The whole company from admin through to physios are professional & easy to talk to, extremely knowledgeable & helpful. The range of equipment is fantastic & the enthusiasm the physio's show rubs off on you and only empowers you to work harder. They thrived on the challenge of getting a ventilated, paralysed client in the Hydro pool & its worked brilliantly! At no point have I ever felt unsafe & the improvements are clear to see. 5* highly recommended company!" - Neil

Treatment Received: Hands on Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, FES Cycling.


The Wheelchair Skills Course held by the Back Up Trust at PhysioFunction today was really helpful. Even though I have been a wheelchair user for some years now, I still learnt some new techniques that I can put into practise to make my life easier when 'out and about'.


“Following a Total Knee Replacement and 6 months of rehabilitation I was recommended to try the Balance Tutor and I am so glad that I did. After only 10 sessions my limp has disappeared, my strength and stability is greatly improved and I am confident to continue with the jogging level we progressed to. Attached to the secure harness the Balance Tutor gave me the ability to try movements I could not do during normal exercises, allowing my muscles to develop their responsive actions and memory. Thank you Helen and PhysioFunction.” Steph


'Thank you PhysioFunction! I love my Turbomed splints, my walking is so much better, easier and it feels softer, I can even attempt to run. I am not so scared of catching my toes and falling. I am gaining confidence in looking up and seeing where I am going rather than looking down at the ground which makes walking more enjoyable and is better for my posture. They are simple but life changing'.


The last couple of months has been hard work, but it is bearing good results. My walking and balance are continuing to improve steadily. I am keeping up with the exercises and anticipate further improvement. Thank you for all your help, you have helped change my life again.

I will contact you if I have any problems.

I hope that you and your family are all well.

Kindest regards,


Bradley Price

I absolutely love PhysioFunction. The new "Wireless Bioness L300" was given to me in a trial. I absolutely loved it. I purchased this week and thrilled with the results. I am very happy for a change! 1f642.png:) Many thanks to Claire, Jon and also Hayley and all of the staff from Northampton! x

Mike Jackson - Post Polio Group

"It was excellent that our Rotary District Governor was able to go along to Northampton and see the Hydrotherapy Programme first hand, and she spoke to me about this in glowing terms at the recent District Foundation Lunch we both attended. I shall be at our Rotary District Assembly this Saturday and will join the Foundation stream (which is where I originally hatched the plot a couple of years ago for our matching grant).I shall again be seizing on opportunities to promote a wider possible vision of Rotary and PoPSyCLE working together to address the needs of Polio Survivors, potentially UK and even worldwide when the timing is right." 

Thanks Kirsten for all your help and assistance which we all appreciate, particularly when we receive both the recognition for the work you are carrying out and hopefully additional funding to support the programme into the future. Kind regards and thanks Mike

Johnathan Griggs

Following a Brain Injury at birth no therapy was available to me for 50 years - then I found PhysioFunction who have been instrumental in gaining the use of my hand.

Andy Ellis

When I first visited PhysioFunction, I really did not know what to expect.

I led a very active lifestyle into my forties. However foot drop, was one of the first signs of MS. Since diagnosis I was suffering from an increasing level of foot drop. That, alongside 2 slipped discs, made walking unaided increasingly difficult.

Falls were becoming more frequent. I was not in a good place mentally, feeling an increasing disability, was my only future.

The team at PhysioFunction took me through various devices, which may help. Claire also took me through a full diagnostic review, alongside exercises that would assist.

With a FES fitted, Claire said lets go for a walk, you do not need your stick!

I walked across the training room, descended the stairs, walked across the car park to a hill.

Claire said 'let's walk over the hill, I think you can'. We did.

I felt so good. A personal achievement, alongside a blazing new hope. I felt literally drunk with joy.

The FES allowed me to walk freely. My gait was so much better and my back relaxed.  Previously the shortest of walks would hurt, I'd swing my right leg from my hip, which would jar my back. 

The mental relief was unexpected, as was the care, consideration and skill of Claire and the team.

I'm not finished yet, but I walked 4 miles, without a stick, after 5 days with the FES.

Future feels bright.

Michael Spicer

Following a car accident I received a number of injuries including nerve damage.  The FES bike at PhysioFunction enabled me to re build the muscle loss from my long duration in hospital and also to keep my muscle alive whilst waiting for the nerve to re grow.

The FES bike has proved invaluable to my on going recovery.

Howard Smith

Meeting with PhysioFunction Ltd was the first day of my post Stroke life, as nobody ever said 'YOU CAN'T DO THAT!' but 'HOW CAN WE HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE THAT?''

Nicki Clark

I just wish to feedback regarding Taher. 

We have had 3 appts with him for our son so far and wish to express that he has been like a breath of fresh air.
He is approachable, friendly and very knowledgable. 
He has provided me with a series of stretches to carry out daily plus activities whilst in his wheelchair and standing frame, I actually feel like I am contributing effectively to my son's rehabilitation.
I know it's early days but we are very happy with the service provided so far

Steve Rouse

Today I visited PhysioFunction and received physiotherapy from Georgina. Over the years I have received lots of physio and I must say that my session with Georgina was in a league all of it's own. Georgina was very professional and very aware of my condition which was very much appreciated.


I have worn Turbomed for 4 months now...and I love it!  Unlike FES devices that use batteries, which don't seem to last, Turbomed has no battery.  Turbomed is made of PVC/plastic materials which have some 'give' in them, this then means that my walk has some 'give' in it too.  The PVC/plastic makes a smooth movement, unlike the carbon fibre materials other devices are made of.


After suffering an attack of Transverse Myelitis in 1999, which left me completely paralysed from spinal level T6, my muscles atrophied and I was unable to exercise properly.  Since using the FES bike regularly, I feel fitter and the muscle mass in my legs is returning.  The FES bike is a great way for people with no or limited mobility to keep fit.

Helen RatcliffeBrownbill Associates Ltd, Case Management and Community Care Services

PhysioFunction consistently provides a responsive and professional neuro-physiotherapy service to my clients with spinal cord and acquired brain injuries. My clients and their families are always satisfied with the initial assessments and outcomes of physiotherapy goals. PhysioFunction’s specialist knowledge in rehabilitation therapy equipment is excellent and gives my clients the opportunity to trial and pursue therapeutic goals. PhysioFunction always works collaboratively with me as case manager and the multi-disciplinary team.

Lucy Frost

I took my mum (spinal cord injury at C4 incomplete - tetraplegic) to use the hydro pool with physio Michelle. What an absolutely amazing session, Michelle's knowledge of SCI was refreshing and both mum and I felt totally at ease with her. Mum had her injury last year and to be able to get her in a pool and stimulate walking for the first time....what an absolute miracle! Thank you so much x


It has been over 12 months since my accident , both my legs were fractured one in three places the other had a compound fracture with foot and heel crushed.

I am now able to walk with sticks short distances, something I never thought I would ever do. This is down to Alison my brilliant Physiotherapist. Alison has helped me through so much with encouragement when I have wanted to give up, and also with my pain. For her, I would like to say thank you.

A Happy Mum

My daughter is doing so well. She can now jump in a trampoline without falling even with other kids jumping at the same time! She can walk up and down stairs (13 floors) unaided, no handrail. She walks 2.5 km to school per day. The walkaide has been really helpful once we got over the learning curve!

Anna TurneyParalympic Alpine Ski Racer & Motivational Speaker

Jon Graham is by far the best Neuro Physio I have ever had the pleasure of working with. A year after being discharged from Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where I did rehab post a spinal cord injury, both doctors and physios were amazed by the progress I had made with PhysioFunction.

The movement I got back in my legs and core is largely down to Jon's expertise and positive attitude and my gritty mother's nagging me to practice Jon's daily exercises with her help. A heartfelt thank you Jon and Maggie T - I know I could do more physically if only I had more time and mental energy!

I would highly recommend PhysioFunction for Neuro Physio services. Things were always explained clearly in a relaxed atmosphere and I always feel motivated to do the necessary exercises.

Caroline MolloyRegional Child & Family Support Co-ordinator at Child Brain Injury Trust

I have suggested PhysioFunction's services and technology to families I work with who have been really pleased with the results. PhysioFunction are always a pleasure to speak to and work alongside and I shall continue to recommend them to other families I work with in the future

DM - Case Manager

I have used PhysioFunction for many of my spinal cord injured clients and have always found the service to be highly efficient and professional. I would and have recommended their Neurophysiotherapy services to other Case Managers.


The physiotherapists say to my Mum “no pain, no gain” to persuade her to let them get her muscles moving but she loves them dearly and looks forward to their next visit because she knows that after the first few movements the tension and the pain in her limbs will ease and she will in fact feel much better.

I have only the highest praise for the physiotherapists from PhysioFunction. They have made an enormous difference to the quality of my Mum’s life. They treat her as a person taking into consideration who she is and how she feels on the day of treatment. They look and reflect on the equipment she has and might benefit from and have made positive suggestions to me about where to go for more help. They have organised special splints for her hand, arm and foot. They comment on complimentary treatments which might alleviate symptoms or might help to decrease the pain due to her condition. I can recommend them whole heartedly

Eleanor Scott

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in July 2012 at the age of 64. My balance was all over the place, my walking was very unsteady and I had no confidence. All that changed when I started having specialist physiotherapy from PhysioFunction. After a few sessions my confidence started to return and my balance and walking improved. This was due to the care, patience and dedication of my Physiotherapist. I still go every fortnight and while it can be tough, it’s well worth the effort.

Jan Morgan

Too many people are written off after strokes. I may never recover fully but my quality if life has improved tremendously through PhysioFunction support.


Everyone has been been so kind and creative, suggesting new ideas to help my weak side get stronger. I am back at work now and very grateful to the team who have helped me achieve that goal.

Following my stroke in September 2011, which left me with left-sided hemiplegia, the team at PhysioFunction have really helped me to climb the huge mountain of recovery, giving me emotional and moral support on the long journey to recovery.

Using a variety of techniques and tailoring the programme to me and my needs, the team were there for me when the Community rehab team stopped supporting me. I still have a long way to go but PhysioFunction remain positive and ultra supportive just as the going is getting tougher. Everyone has been so kind and creative, suggesting new ideas to help my weak side get stronger. I am back at work now and very grateful to the team who have helped me to achieve that goal.

Justin Ashton

How to sum up PhysioFunction? Great team giving independence back to people. Can't thank them enough. To be able to walk my children to school is priceless.

Peter Nicholls

FES got me out of hospital and back to work!

Deborah Hill

I went from hardly being able use my hand to now being able to pick up a glass and drink from it without spilling! It has now been over two years since my stroke and if I hadn't discovered the Saebo hand splint, I could have been a lot worse off. Now I use Saebo once a day and attend weekly physio.

Dr Mark Manford, Consultant NeurologistAddenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and Bedford Hospital Bedfordshire

PhysioFunction have always seen my patients promptly, who have been very happy with the attention, treatment and support they have received.

Jane Willmott

I really do feel on top of the world. Thank you PhysioFunction for helping me regain a wonderful new life!