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Mike’s Return to the Golf Course

Mike, who is a friend and client of PhysioFunction, is the ambassador for National Foot Drop Awareness day and is sharing his story below to help others:

Mike started to experience foot drop following a Stroke in 2003. After spending 4 months in Northampton General Hospital and seeing the Community Physiotherapist on discharge, Mike then sourced neurological physiotherapy at PhysioFunction Ltd in 2005.

At PhysioFunction he had treatment of neurological physiotherapy and saw the options on offer to manage his foot drop, Mike was fitted with a Bioness Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device and said:

“I am mostly self-sufficient again. I can nearly get dressed independently, play golf and have a degree of normality back in my life.”

Mike enjoys walking and uses a Turbomed AFO (ankle foot orthosis) brace when walking over uneven ground.

“I recently went walking in the Scottish Borders and the Turbomed AFO brace stabilised my ankle, making walking easier and smoother. I can enjoy my hobbies again!”

This is one of many experiences from people who live with foot drop and we are asking for support in sharing this information on the lead up to the day and on September 17th via social networks. We are hoping Mike’s story and the awareness day will give others the knowledge they need to manage foot drop.

Mike is walking here WITH his FES (functional electrical stimulation) device fitted, which helps to correct his foot drop and walking difficulties.

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