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Aquatic Therapy (Hydrotherapy) Used in Conjunction with Land Based Therapy

Aquatic Physiotherapy is an effective treatment in its own right, however is often most effective when utilised alongside your land-based therapy.

The physiological effects of immersion benefit the heart, circulation, breathing and kidney function and are maximised at a ‘head out of water’ depth, in an upright position. This means that before you even start moving, there are significant physiological changes occurring compared to when on land.

The water provides a supportive environment which off loads the joints. This off-loading increases with depth. This means that it is possible to practice functional activities such as walking, and activities in standing, when in the water when this might not be achieved on dry land. The support of the water also can reduce the need for supportive devices such as braces and orthotics, and can take away the dependency on walking aides. The result of this is that many people feel that their confidence in moving is dramatically improved both in and out of the water. The reduced effort of supporting posture in the water, can enable increased repetition of functional activities, and therefore enhancing the learning opportunities without the fatigue.

Water has the unique property of buoyancy and resistance (drag), which can be used to help mobilise joints and when resisted, can be used for strengthening weak muscles. Again, the supportive element of the water allows these activities to be carried out in a wider range of postures whilst reducing the effort of maintaining posture against gravity.

From our more dependent clients, right the way through to clients with requiring higher physical challenges, the water provides a medium for therapy which can complement a land-based rehabilitation programme or be utilised independently at early, middle and end stages of your rehabilitation journey.

If Aquatic Therapy is suitable for you, your therapist will identify the optimal time, and frequency which is most suitable to you and your goals; and how it can fit in to your rehabilitation journey.

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