Simon's Marathon Countdown - Less than a week to go!

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ReWalk Training
Simon Training for London Marathon 2018 in ReWalk

Simon Kindleysides has an inoperable gloma brain tumour and first came to PhysioFunction to take part in a trial we were involved in with the REX exoskeleton in June 2015.  At that point Simon had been paralysed for 2 years.  

Simon recalls “as the suit went into the STAND mode, it was a weird feeling – I felt my true 5ft 11” again, but the part when the suit went into WALKING mode was when I broke down and cried my eyes out!  As I started to take my first step it felt incredible and even though I can’t feel my legs, to see my feet moving out in front of me was just a WOW moment!”

A video was taken of Simon on that day as he was in the REX exoskeleton and this went viral around the world and reached over 34 million views!  We are going to try to beat that with Simon’s ReWalk footage to raise awareness for the Brain Tumour Charity.

For Simon the medical benefits of being upright in the exoskeletons have been, less leg spasms, improved bladder and bowel function and many social benefits too! 

Simon saw another exoskeleton whilst he was here at PhysioFunction called the ReWalk and decided he would like to trial that as it works in a different way and the client uses crutches for balance when in it.  He then became an ambassador for ReWalk.

This year Simon decided he would like to take part in the London Marathon using the ReWalk exoskeleton and Simon Ruffle from ReWalk has loaned him a ReWalk to train in and use daily to get him used to being in the suit.

Simon decided to use the ReWalk exoskeleton as he found that he walked more ‘naturally’ in it.

We are proudly sponsoring Simon in his quest to complete the marathon in 35 hours and Jon Graham, amongst others in his ‘team’, have not only been instrumental in his training but are going to be there with him whilst he does the marathon in April. 

Simon will be the first paralysed man to walk the London Marathon!

To support Simon and raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity please follow the link: Simon's Just Giving Page

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