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John Cornwell’s rehab journey following Parkinson’s diagnosis.

It was 6 years ago when John was diagnosed with a life changing condition called ‘Parkinson’s disease’. He was doing really well - keeping himself active and playing Bowls 3-4 times a week.

At the beginning of 2020, John suddenly started to lose his mobility and found it difficult playing bowls.

Through the Harborough Parkinson Disease Society Group, John was recommended to see a Parkinsons Disease specialist Physiotherapist at PhysioFunction, Northampton. Lockdown had started in England, but this did not stop him from attending an appointment with Taher Dhuliawala at PhysioFunction.

Therapy continued with online TeleRehab sessions via Zoom. John found the advice given by Taher on freezing and walking very helpful. Taher also gave him exercises, suggestions and advice on breathing and posture.

In addition to the TeleRehab, John also has gait re-education sessions in the AlterG with Sports Therapist, Rhiannon Hodges at the PhysioFunction clinic. He achieves approximately 1km each time he uses the antigravity device and finds this extremely beneficial - mainly for his freezing episodes. Rhiannon also does soft tissue work on his shoulder and it helps to minimise the pain. Doing these exercises regularly has meant that he is still able to take part in his hobbies like woodwork and Boat Model making, where he needs dextrous work.

John regrets not starting physiotherapy earlier. Therefore, he would recommend people with Parkinson’s Disease to access Physiotherapy as soon as they can.

John Cornwell’s rehab journey following Parkinson’s diagnosis. image

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