Rare Disease Day!

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Rare Disease Day

In cases where there is movement limitation, either from pain or stiffness due to prolonged immobility, such as being a wheelchair user or unable to manage unaided; clients can benefit from physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can help;

· Restore movement and function

· Reduce the risk of injury or illness

· Provide education and advice

· Manual therapy to help ease pain and stiffness

· Tailored exercise programmes to maintain muscle power and flexibility

Here at PhysioFunction, we have experience of working with clients diagnosed with rare diseases. One of our clients diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis and Guillain Barre Syndrome benefits from using our FES cyclone cycle to maintain and develop muscle strength, improve circulation and cardiovascular development, Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy) to improve core stability and develop muscle strength as well as hands on therapy.

Another client with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome benefits from using our hydrotherapy service working on core stability, maintaining muscle length and managing postural stability that would otherwise be difficult to achieve on land as well as using acupuncture to help with pain relief.

PhysioFunction's goal is to maximise your independence, whatever disease or condition you are living with.

Rare Disease Day
Rare Disease Day

Here at PhysioFunction Ltd we offer facilities to treat many Neurological Conditions. We use Neurological Physiotherapy & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. We offer Hydrotherapy, Neurofit, FES Cycling, Robot Assisted Physiotherapy (REX), Occupational Therapy and can use Rehabilitation Technology too. If you would like an assessment please contact our Client Services Team on 0800 043 0327