Another Goal Reached!

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We like to set goal for all of our clients and with their perseverance and our assistance they are eventually achieved.

Neil suffered a brain stem stroke 13 years ago affecting his right arm and both legs.

On his initial treatment session with us, he was dependent on a hoist for all transfers, a light writer for communication, and a PEG feed for nutritional support.

Neil has been coming to PhysioFunction once per week for 11 years incorporating hands on treatment, aquatic physiotherapy and electrical stimulation. His goal by Christmas 2018 was to walk 10 m with supervision indoors using a specialist walking frame.

As the video below shows Neil achieved this but not without 100% effort and determination!

We are now focussing further on the quality of his stepping to increase his efficiency, reduce effort and increase speed of walking using the L300 Go Plus Thigh…watch this space!

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