MindMaze Usability Trial

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You may be aware we currently use virtual reality technology for rehabilitation and we have been working with the company MindMaze who are currently researching usability of their device. MindMaze will visiting The Chris Moody Centre on Thursday 28th September, PhysioFunction and MindMaze are looking for potential candidates to trial this device for this research and hope you may be willing to participate. This trial would require a total of 3 visits to the Chris Moody Centre over the following week and must be completed by the 6th October, we would arrange an appointment time in advance and these sessions would be free of charge.

Course Commencing on 28th September
1st session – Explanation, setup advice then independent use and completion of a program. (Approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.)
2nd session – Independent use within the Chris Moody Centre (without supervision of a specialist and approximately 30 minutes) 
3rd session – Independent use, followed by completion of a survey
Should you be available to take part in this trial could you call our Client Services on 01327 842321