Spinal Cord Injury Therapy Service

Do you have a spinal cord injury?

Have you suffered from an illness affecting the spinal cord such as Transverse Myelitis, Spinal Stroke or Tumor?

Would you like to see how the latest rehabilitation technology and therapy might help you with your rehabilitation?

…then the PhysioFunction SCI Therapy Service could be for you.

What is it?

Our spinal cord injury service has been designed to give you easy access to highly experienced therapists who can provide evidence-based treatments and leading technology to assist in your rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury or illness. From intensive daily rehabilitation, to attending a group exercise classes once a week, our inclusive and bespoke service can support your ongoing rehabilitation and daily activities.

Why is it important for me?

After a spinal cord injury or illness, there can be many physical complications that occur, including pain, spasticity, muscle weakness and paralysis, altered sensation, muscle contractures, muscle loss (atrophy), pressure sores, weight gain and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Active physical rehabilitation is the best way to combat these to maintain a healthy body, especially in those areas which do not function as well.

What does it involve?

Our Spinal Service is split into two main pathways; the Intensive Rehabilitation Program and the Discharge Continuity Program .

Why Us?

PhysioFunction offers more than just a rehabilitation centre. We are a community. Our highly trained and specialist Neurological, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists Physiotherapy Assistants and Occupational Therapists work hand in hand with all our clients and their families to go the extra mile and ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience with us. Whether this is liaising with external parties or visiting a local theatre, we are here to support our clients, their family and their carers’.

PhysioFunction provide therapy using a wealth of world leading rehabilitation technologies, including three different robotic exoskeletons, multiple FES systems, Body-weight supported walking systems, access to hydrotherapy and a depth adjustable 25m competition swimming pool. So, whatever your level of injury, we have a plethora of treatment tools to aid you in regaining lost activity, strengthen weakened muscles, always aiming for the restoration of physical functions where possible.

Example of costings - for a T2-T12 Spinal Cord Injury client for Mon-Fri neurological physiotherapy including, FES Cycling , EasyStand Glider , Exoskeletons (REX and ReWalk) , Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy) , Mind Motion GO , MediTutor, Standing Frame & Wheelchair Skills approx. £1,998.00 excluding accommodation and lunch/refreshments.

For more information and exact cost of this service contact Client Services Team on 0800 043 0327 or email rehab@physiofunction.co.uk