Exoskeletons (REX, ReWalk and FREE Walk)

Robot Assisted Physiotherapy using the REX & ReWalk

Available in Northampton

PhysioFunction have a specialist interest and expertise in rehabilitation technology, which can be used to optimise the outcomes for clients and the function they get. Using the latest technology, we can ensure that our clients receive the most clinically correct rehabilitation suitable for their needs.

We are recognised as experts in the use of ReWalk and REX technology which can be used by people with a variety of mobility impairments enabling them to get the full benefits of moving and exercising while being fully supported and upright.

We now also have the FREE Walk exoskeleton available.

We use exoskeletons to help people with a wide range of neurological conditions such as:

I use the REX in my rehabilitation centres because it can take a user through a range of assisted movement as part of a rehabilitation programme for patients with SCI and hemiplegia from a stroke or TBI.

Jon Graham, Clinical Director

I am paraplegic level T6 and have been for 18 years. I came to PhysioFunction to use the ReWalk and found it both exciting and emotional. Being able to stand, take steps and be at eye level with people was amazing!

I also found that being in the ReWalk assisted with stretching my trunk as being in a wheelchair means that my torso is always compressed.

Lisa Webb, PhysioFunction Client


Stroke patients or quadriplegics lack control on at least one side of their body and REX can help stabilise the patient in an upright position without requiring any additional support from the physiotherapist or a walking frame, this enables a greater range of rehabilitative exercises and movements to be performed while being totally balanced and supported.


The ReWalk is a robotic Exoskeleton that can be worn for personal use at home and out in the community.

The robotic device provides hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury to stand upright, walk, turn, climb and descend stairs. The system can be customised to provide optimal fit to ensure safety, function and joint function.

ReWalk allows people to walk independently as the robotic device mimics the natural gait pattern of the legs.



- Ability to walk upright rather than sit in a wheelchair

- Improve mobility and quality of life measures such as:

- Improvements in bowel and bladder function

- Maintenance of bone mass

- Reduction of some medications for certain ailments

- Emotional and psychosocial benefits

Tailored rehabilitation programmes are designed for each user so that the maximum outcomes can be achieved.

The health and social benefits of standing and moving are well documented and at PhysioFunction we want to ensure all our clients reach their goals through maximising their independence in daily activities, whether this involved getting back to work or just being able to do the things they want to at home.

Simon Kindleysides and Claire Lomas have both completed the London Marathon using the ReWalk exoskeleton.

Simon Kindleysides Receiving his London Marathon Medal
Simon Kindleysides

If you would like more information about Rex or ReWalk Robot Assisted Physiotherapy please click contact PhysioFunction or call our Client Services Team