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    Hand & Arm Rehabilitation

  • Intento

    Hand & Arm Rehabilitation

  • Intento

    Hand & Arm Rehabilitation

    What is Intento Movement Therapy?

    Intento Movement Therapy is an innovative treatment for upper limb rehabilitation after stroke.

    Intento Movement Therapy is enabled by Intento PRO, a medical device allowing therapists to treat severe arm impairment more effectively.

    During Intento Movement Therapy your muscles are stimulated with electrical currents to produce movements. You control the stimulation to assist the completion of movements. The treatment can help to reduce your impairment after a number of sessions.

    How does Intento Work?

    • You are in charge of rotating a dial on Intento PRO to help you perform a movement selected by the physiotherapist.
    • Currents flow through the electrodes and induce the desired movement, for example the devices helps to extend your arm, hand and fingers. This will enable you to grasp the object and move it around.
    • You time the execution of the movement, based on your needs.

    Benefits of Intento Movement Therapy

    As a result of your therapy you may experience the following benefits:

    1. A reduction in spasticity, stiffness and involuntary muscle spasms.

    2. Reduction of overall arm and hand impairment.

    3. Improvement of motor function and improved sensation.

    What is the evidence behind this therapy?

    Intento Movement Therapy is based on a therapeutic approach called Self-Modulated Functional Electrical Stimulation ( SM-FES). The therapy has been tested in a clinical trial on chromic, severely impaired stroke patients and was found to be more effective than standard care at reducing upper limb impairment.

    Clinical trial of 11 patients with chronic stroke (average 46.3 months since stroke) causing severe upper limb paralysis showed clinically important impairment reduction after 10 intensive sessions.

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