Many individuals following a Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injury or Spinal Injury find it difficult to appreciate how much movement that they have in their hands, arms and legs. They often underestimate the recovery they have already made.

The MediTutor devices are wearable devices that are attached to the user's hand, arm or leg, and are connected to a computer. Any movement that the individual performs is displayed to them on the computer screen. The software is able to go a step further and exaggerate the movement so that the user can use their device to control various rehabilitation "games".

The HandTutor

The HandTutor is worn as a glove. It can measure the tiniest movements of opening and closing of the fingers and project them onto the computer screen. In the rehabilitation game, the user has to keep the red dot and it's tail inside the yellow track. Closing the hand makes the dot move down and relaxing or opening the hand makes the dot move up. As the movements improve, the HandTutor is "recalibrated" using the assessment software so that the amount of closing and opening that is required to move the red dot up and down is increased.

There are a number of games that challenge the user in different way - range of movement, speed of movement, accuracy and co-ordination. The software can help users throughout their rehabilitation journey providing feedback and reports that they can review with their treating therapist.

The ArmTutor

The ArmTutor helps individuals recover shoulder and elbow movements.It uses the same rehabilitation games as the HandTutor but the way the user controls the games is dependent on shoulder and elbow movements rather than hand and wrist movements.

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