The Balance Tutor

Balance Tutor for slips, trips and falls.
Balance Tutor

What is the Balance Tutor?

The Balance Tutor is a treadmill that can move forwards, backwards and sideways allowing our Physiotherapists to create postural perturbations that imitate a fall or a trip.

The rehabilitation outcomes for the Balance Tutor

  • Improve functional skills
  • Improve balance control
  • Help strengthen weakened muscles
  • Help reinstate personal confidence after a fall

The Balance Tutor is the only rehabilitation system currently available in the UK that employs an advanced 4D perturbation patented treadmill, multiple force and movement sensors and customised motivational video games.

The Balance Tutor is designed to help with the following:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation and Falls Prevention. Click here for more information.

The technology is available to use as a standalone treatment or in combination with Neurological Physiotherapy at our Northampton Rehabilitation Centre.

Click on the video below to learn more about the Balance Tutor.

Scientific Research

Although working the reactive responses of people with unexpected perturbations is something quite new, there is already certain scientific studies that show the efficacy to improve balance and for fall prevention, as the followings:

1. Perturbation training can reduce community dwelling older adults annual risk: a randomised controlled trial. “Pay YC 2014”

• RCT 212 patients. • 1 session. 1 perturbation against 24. • Fall risk reduces 50% in one year.

2. Does perturbation-based balance training prevent falls? Systematic review and meta-analysis of preliminary randomised controlled trials. “Mansfield 2015”

• 8 estudies with 404 patients. • People trained with perturbations had less fall risk OR 0.7 and total falls in this group was the half than in the control.

3. Unexpected perturbations training improves balance control and voluntary stepping times in older adults – a double blind randomised control trial. “Kurz I, 2016”

• RCT. 53 patients. • 24 sessions with perturbations in CM vs CM without perturbations. • Improvement of gate times and balance control.

Further research has been conducted on the Balance Tutor system for fall prevention and walk improvement for the results, please click here and watch the two videos on Falls and Stroke.

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