Mind Motion Go For Home Use

Mindmotion Go for Home Use

Using Mind Motion GO in your own home

The MindMotion™ GO is a medical software device using the Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion. It supports the physical rehabilitation of adults suffering a neurological condition. It can be used in the clinic and at home.

The software includes;

  • Rehabilitation exercises for the arm, leg, trunk and whole body.
  • Audio-visual feedback and graphic movement representations for the user.
  • Client performance metrics for the medical professional.
  • Your physiotherapist will tailor your programme to suit your needs and make progressions based on analysis of the data generated from use.

What are the benefits of using Mind Motion Go at home?

  • It’s easy to use in your own home
  • The activities can be used to make your rehabilitation more realistic and functional
  • You can use the programme daily,
  • The activities and the feedback can help to motivate you and challenge you within your capacity
  • It offers a variety of exercises in their home environment, which can be beneficial to individuals who may struggle to leave their home environment.
  • It is suitable for using in a care home facility or retirement village environment
  • The activities can aide balance, walking, core strength, range of motion, muscle strength, cardiovascular tolerance and wellbeing associated with regular exercise.

How do I know if I am suitable to use this equipment at home?

Our highly specialised Neurological Physiotherapist will assess you to check for suitability and formulate your goals within the clinic setting.

How does this equipment work at home?

It is very easy to use this software at home.

  • Any TV/external screen with an HDMI port can be used with MindMotion GO. The TV/external screen must have a 16:9 resolution ratio.
  • Ideally a 3-4 metre space in front of the TV gives enough space to perform your exercises.
  • Depending on our therapist’s recommendations you may benefit from using some small pieces of equipment may be recommended to maximise the benefits of the exercises e.g. TheraBand/ foam balance pads / hand weights. Your physiotherapist will advise you on this.

How will I be supported in using the MindMotion GO ?

  • Following an assessment with our clinic device and home environment suitability ascertained, the MindMotion Go Therapy package can be set up.
  • The rental package includes an assessment visit to set the device up and set the activities programme. This is followed by 1 x 60 mins home visit and 1 x 30 mins remote session in the first month. Included in the package, you have one further home visit and one further remote consultation within the package. These will be arranged one in month two and one in month three to best suit your needs.
  • Our physiotherapist and a Mindmotion Go engineer will visit you at home to set the device up and explain how to operate it.

What do the remote and home session include?

  • Home sessions are a visit with our physiotherapist to monitor and observe you working with the activities programme. This allows them to give hands on feedback and modifications to your technique when performing activities. They can also check the software and make alterations to your activities programme.
  • Remote sessions involve a Skype or face time call from our therapist. They will discuss with you how you are managing with the programme and use this information along with the software data to gain a better understanding of how you are managing your programme and the benefits you are getting. Appropriate modifications can then be made to your activities programme.
  • Our therapist is available to provide you with support during this rental package period. If they cannot resolve any technical issue, they will contact MindMotion™ GO for further assistance.

MindMotion Go can be purchased from PhysioFunction Northamptonshire for home use, care home use or hospital use: For more information, contact our Client Services Team on 0800 043 0327