Dynamic 'off the shelf' AFO

The unique feature of this off-the-shelf AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) is that it is articulated and offers adjustable dorsiflexion assistance. It is also extremely lightweight, made from a highly versatile polypropylene that can be easily moulded to shape and trimmed to size by a clinician.

The Step-On AFO's facilitate essential functional movements during the gait cycle, while at the same time providing the precise amount of control required by each client, and at every stage of their rehabilitation programme. The dorsiflexion is adjusted easily with an Allen Key that increases and decreases the spring tension within the hinge.

The difference between the Step-On AFO and almost any other AFO is that the Step-On is an active dynamic (moves the muscles through a full range of motions) as opposed to a passive dynamic or static AFO.

Conditions Step-On Would Benefit

Drop foot caused by paresis or paralysis due to:

• Stroke

• Multiple sclerosis

• Cerebral palsy

• Spinal cord injury

• Head injury

• Peripheral nerve injuries

• Neuropathies

• Muscular dystrophies

• Spinal muscular atrophy

• Motor neuron disease

• Poliomyelitis

Step On
Step On