PhysioFunction have a specialist interest and expertise in rehabilitation technology, which can be used to optimise the outcomes for clients and the function they get. Using the latest technology, we can ensure that our clients receive the most clinically correct rehabilitation suitable for their needs.

We are recognised as experts in the use of REX technology which can be used by people with a wide range of mobility impairments enabling them to get the full benefits of moving and exercising while being fully supported and upright.

We use REX to help people with a wide range of neurological conditions such as:

Stroke patients or quadriplegics lack control on at least one side of their body and REX can help stabilise the patient in an upright position without requiring any additional support from the physiotherapist or a walking frame, this enables a greater range of rehabilitative exercises and movements to be performed while being totally balanced and supported. Tailored rehabilitation programmes are designed for each user so that the maximum outcomes can be achieved.

The health and social benefits of standing and moving are well documented and at PhysioFunction we want to ensure all our clients reach their goals through maximising their independence in daily activities, whether this involved getting back to work or just being able to do the things they want to at home.

The REX offer additional benefits as it is self-supporting and does not require the user to assist with elbow crutches or a frame. It enables users to experience robot assisted walking and can take them safely and effectively through a range of assisted lower limb movements.

Jon Graham, Clinical Director, PhysioFunction Ltd

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