L300 Go for people with walking difficulties, drop foot.  Functional Electrical Stimulation technology.
L300 Go Range

Walking difficulties? Drop Foot?

The L300 Go could help to improve your mobility.

The L300 GO is a Functional Electrical Stimulation Foot Drop and thigh weakness device that provides unmatched freedom and independence for people recovering from Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury or Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury.

The L300 GO is easy to use and requires no heel switch ... so you can walk barefoot.

What makes the L300 Go different than other FES drop foot devices?

  • 3D Motion Detection. - 3D Motion Detection accurately monitors your leg swing, providing stimulation precisely when needed making it easier for users to clear their foot at different walking speeds and uneven terrain.
  • A thigh cuff is available for users with instability of the knee or weak thigh muscles.
  • Multi-Channel Stimulation re-creates a more natural walking pattern.
  • Heel Switch and Remote are optional* - The 3D motion detection technology and built-in control unit means that the L300 GO can be worn without a heel switch. Users of the device can now walk barefoot and undertake exercise from a seated position. *Heel switch and remote may be required for clinical reasons when using the knee cuff. Only sole use of the thigh cuff will require a heel switch.
L300 Go Product Range
Different Configurations to Meet Your Need

For more information about the L300 GO and how the device could help you, take a couple of minutes to watch the video clip below:

The difference between L100 Go and the L300 Go

The L300 Go is a multi-channel system. A single electrode controls two stimulation channels to provide balanced upward foot movement. An additional surface stimulator with a matching thigh cuff is available for users with instability of the knee or weak thigh muscles. Foot switch is optional.

The L100 Go is a single-channel system. This version is a device for users for whom adequate physiological upward foot motion is possible with single-channel stimulation and who have no additional instability of the knee or weak thigh muscles. No foot switch option with this device.

The Team at PhysioFunction are experts in the assessment and fitting of the L300 Go device and will ensure that they fit you with the correct configuration to meet your needs.

For full pricing and to book your first assessment, please contact our client services team on 0800 043 0327