Rehabilitation Technology

Rehabilitation Technology Available at PhysioFunction.

PhysioFunction have a specialist interest and expertise in rehabilitation technology. We have a wide range of equipment that can help promote rehabilitation outcomes and function. The use of technology may also assist in day to day activities that may otherwise not be possible.

We ensure our clients receive the most clinically correct rehabilitation technology suited to their needs.

The following pieces of technology are currently available for use at our Northampton Clinic and a selection are available for Home Use as indicated below:

Technology for Upper Limb Rehabilitation


Neurofenix NeuroBall - For Home Use*


MindMotion™ Go*

Bioness H200* - Functional Electrical Technology

FES Bike*


Easy Stand Glider*



*Available to purchase/rent for home use

Technology for Lower Limb Rehabilitation

Rex Exoskeleton

Exoskeletons - REX* and ReWalk* and FREE Walk

Mind Motion Go*

Bioness Go*

FES Bike*

Easy Stand Glider*


Alter G Anti- Gravity Treadmill


*Available to purchase for home use


Orthotic Solutions for Home Use

- TurboMed

- Step-On*

*Available to purchase for home use.

The last couple of months has been hard work but it is bearing good results. My walking and balance are continuing to improve steadily.

I am keeping up with the exercises and anticipate further improvement.

Thank you all at PhysioFunction for your help, you have helped to change my life.

Tony, Client - Stroke Survivor

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