Respiratory Physiotherapy

Helen van Uem, Northampton Respiratory Physio, HCP Registered, PhysioFunction

Respiratory Physiotherapy

Our Respiratory Physiotherapist, Helen van Uem, discusses the types of respiratory conditions we treat and how Respiratory Physiotherapy can help benefit our clients.

Helen has over 15 years experience in providing physiotherapy care,she is HCPC registered and qualified at the University of Keele in 1996 and achieved a post-graduate diploma in Autonomous Healthcare Practice from Oxford Brookes University in 2003.

Respiratory conditions we treat

Respiratory conditions such as COPD, emphysema, bronchiectasis and asthma can produce a different combination of the symptoms below.

People living with long term conditions such as MS, MND and Parkinson’s Disease as well as patients who breathe via a tracheostomy can also develop respiratory problems and benefit from respiratory physiotherapy.

Our Respiratory Physiotherapist can help with:

Retained secretions

* Assessment of cough strength

* Advice and education about techniques to clear secretions

* hands on manual techniques

* education of care givers in providing ongoing care including manual techniques such as chest shaking and clapping

* advice on purchasing and then teaching the use of medical devices to help clear secretions such as the Flutter, Vest, cough assist, Acapella, PEP devices and cornet

Loss of lung volume

* Breathing and thoracic exercises to increase the amount of air going into the lungs

* Exercises, stretches and hands on physiotherapy to optimise the movement and compliance of the rib cage

* Individualised exercise programmes

* Advice on purchasing and using medical devices that can improve lung volume and breathing muscle strength such as incentive spirometers and inspiratory muscle trainers

Increased work of breathing/ breathlessness

* Pacing and energy conservation techniques

* Teaching of individualised breathing control exercises

* Individualised exercise programs

* Relaxation and visualisation techniques

We can also make assessments and recommendations for other physiotherapy treatments such as general exercise, using exercise and gym equipment and hydrotherapy which can be done safely in combination with the your respiratory physiotherapy techniques to build confidence and improve general fitness and strength.

To find out more about our services or how we can help you, please contact PhysioFunction or call 0800 043 0327