MindMaze Mind Motion Go for Home Use

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What are the benefits of using Mind Motion Go at home?

  • It’s easy to use in your own home
  • The activities can be used to make your rehabilitation more realistic and functional
  • You can use the programme daily,
  • The activities and the feedback can help to motivate you and challenge you within your capacity
  • It offers a variety of exercises in their home environment, which can be beneficial to individuals who may struggle to leave their home environment.
  • It is suitable for using in a care home facility or retirement village environment
  • The activities can aide balance, walking, core strength, range of motion, muscle strength, cardiovascular tolerance and wellbeing associated with regular exercise.

How do I know if I am suitable to use this equipment at home?

Our highly specialised Neurological Physiotherapist will assess you to check for suitability and formulate your goals within the clinic setting.

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