British Polio Fellowship

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Last year a weekly Hydrotherapy programme for branch members of the British Polio Fellowship commenced at PhysioFunction, at the Chris Moody Centre.  This was sponsored by the BPF and the Wellingborough Hatton Branch of Rotary International.

In 2017 grants, donations and sponsorship had been received from BPF, Rotary, a sponsored charity run, Kislingbury Community Grant, PoPSyCLE and subscription from members participation in the Hydrotherapy programme amounting to £4,217.50 of which £2,220.20 had been paid in fees for the physiotherapist and the use of the pool.

Mike Jackson the Branch Welfare Officer reported that in the past year, branch members from both Northamptonshire and Leicestershire had taken part in 33 weekly 30 minute sessions in the Hydrotherapy pool under the supervision of Kirsten Good Neurological Physiotherapist and her assistant.

Also to assist some of the participating members, the Hatton Branch of Rotary had arranged for both male and female members of their branch to attend the sessions, where their help was invaluable to those taking part, for which the branch was very appreciative.  Those taking part have reported a number of significant benefits including use of normally dormant muscles, increased confidence, greater mobility and healthy exercise using the buoyancy of water for stability plus an overall feeling of well being.

To assist Kirsten this year, two members Bob Osbourne and Rob McGoldrick have received formal training as her pool assistants and will be present at each of the sessions.

All Polio survivors in both counties are welcome to join the programme.  If you would like to visit and observe a session in progress please contact our Client Services Team on: 0800 043 0327 and they will be able to make the necessary arrangements.