Aquatic Physiotherapy for Post Polio

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We are pleased to be supporting The British Polio Fellowship in providing Aquatic Physiotherapy sessions for their Northampton based members. Working with Mike Jackson, our Aquatic Physiotherapist Kirsten Good created a tailored exercise programme that helps manage the symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome - PPS.  

Mike developed infantile paralysis at the age of 2 and had to wear callipers.  When he was 16 years old an Orthopaedic surgeon performed an ankle arthrodesis operation to set his ankle.  Mike was then able to walk with a stick.  In 2013 after a fall he was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome.   After receiving Aquatic Physiotherapy sessions at St Thomas's hospital in London he continued his treatment at PhysioFunction in Northampton.

Read Mike's full story here.

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Hydrotherapy Pool
PPS Client Enjoying Aquatic Physiotherapy