Clinical Director, Sarah Daniel Raises Over £5000 for MS Trust

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Sarah Daniel in the Alps

In 2014, Clinical Director, Sarah Daniel walked the National 3 Peaks in 24 hours. In 2016 it was time to challenge herself again. Sarah spends her professional life supporting individuals who are physically challenged by disease or injury to their nervous system including Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

MS strikes for no known reason and can rapidly impact on an individual's ability to do the simplest of tasks. Getting out of bed or getting on and off the toilet, things we take for granted can become as challenging as climbing a mountain!

It may be more subtle, all consuming fatigue that limits someone's ability to play with their children or join their mates in the pub. Everyday a decision has to be made "What is today's priority?" "What compromise should I make?".

In honour of the individual challenges Sarah is confronted with every day Sarah wanted to face a challenge. 

Sarah says "I hope you will give generously to support me as well as the MS Trust in all the work they do for individuals and families living with MS. Thank you!"

So far Sarah has raised over £5000. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause. Please follow the link to Sarah's donation's page.