Information for Physiotherapists

Are Your Patients Reaching Their Full Potential?

PhysioFunction provides specialist private Physiotherapy for a wide range of Neurological Conditions including Stroke, Head Injury , Spinal Injury, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy. PhysioFunction also offers bespoke rehabilitation for individuals following complex injuries and polytrauma. We have great success in treating post-operative patients that present with deteriorating mobility and movement due to failed or complicated surgical procedures or those individuals that have not have sufficient or appropriate post operative rehabilitation.

PhysioFunction provides specialist hands-on physiotherapy and exercise for Polytrauma and all Neurological Conditions, as well as offering the latest rehabilitation technology and products to speed up recovery. We have had great success addressing the following impairments:

Foot Drop
We use a range of Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) devices ( Bioness L300 and L300 Plus, MyGait) to correct and manage Foot Drop and other gait problems

Poor and Absent Hand Function
We use a range of technologies, including the Saebo, EMG-triggered Electrical Stimulator, Bioness H200, Neurofenix NeuroBall - For Home Use, Neuroprosthesis and Hand Tutor to maximise functional outcomes in the hand and arm.

Weak and Paralysed Muscles
We are able to provide portable muscle stimulators to strengthen weak muscles and help maintain muscle bulk in paralysed muscles. In addition we can use EMG triggered stimulation and Bio-feedback and the Saebo Myotrac Infiniti with its Reciprocal EMG-triggered Electrical Stimulation (RETS) to aid in muscle recovery and strengthening.

PhysioFunction Physiotherapists are also using specialist stimulation techniques to address denervated muscles following spinal and peripheral nerve injuries.

Soft-Tissue Shortening and Contractures
We are able to support spasticity management following Botulinum Toxin treatments by offering a range of off-the-shelf and custom splinting solutions including the SaeboStretch and the OSCI/ Trulife product range (SoftPro TM, AirPro TM, DynaPro TM). We can also enhance spasticity management with postural advice, 24 hour posture management plans with seating and sleeping solutions and onward referral for Lycra Splinting (Jobskin, SecondSkin, DMO).

To find out more about our services or how we can help you, please click contact PhysioFunction or call 0800 043 0327