Reduced Movement and Function with Long Covid

Long Covid

How PhysioFunction can help with reduced movement and function.

Reduced Movement and Function with Long COVID

Physiotherapy can help to slowly build up your return to improved movement patterns aiming to optimise your function for everyday activities and beyond.

With graded exercises and advice on pacing your activity with variety, related to your functional goals, the rehabilitation programme will focus on your personal goals.

Through the use of hands-on-therapy, assistive devices such as standing frames and specialist equipment to aid walking such as: Lite Gait, Alter G and the G Move

Personalised home exercise programmes will be tailored to your needs after each clinic session.

For those unable to leave the house, we can provide a home visit from one our physiotherapist or you can utilise our TeleRehab service. Our group on-line TeleRehab exercise classes to be a beneficial addition in building confidence, morale and healthy competition in a more social environment.

Long Covid Symptoms

Physiotherapy can also help you with the below symptoms.

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· Fatigue

· Difficulty with managing daily activities

· Musculoskeletal pain, weakness and joint stiffness

· Lack of balance

· Breathlessness

· Cough and respiratory impairment

· Nutritional concerns

· Anxiety

· Pain


As Long Covid symptoms can be different for each person, our team will be able to create a personalised package of care.

For more information, please contact our Client Services Team on 0800 043 0327 or contact us via our Contact Us page or email

The team will be able to discuss your needs and book you in for an initial assessment.