Lack of Balance with Long Covid

Long Covid Rehab

How PhysioFunction can help with balance and posture.

Balance and Posture with Long Covid

With the range of long-term conditions we treat, balance and postural impairments are commonly identified as problem areas causing risk of falls, reduced confidence and pain.

After a period of illness or bed rest where you spend less time upright and moving around, your body can find it more difficult to balance and complete tasks.

A physiotherapist will be able to develop a balance and posture specific programme. With the use of our supportive technology (see list below) combined with our hands on therapy, the rehabilitation of balance and posture can be varied, challenging, exciting and functional.

More information about our supportive technology can be found by clicking the links below:

Long Covid Symptoms

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· Fatigue

· Reduced movement and function

· Difficulty with managing daily activities

· Musculoskeletal pain, weakness and joint stiffness

· Breathlessness

· Cough and respiratory impairment

· Nutritional concerns

· Anxiety

· Pain


As Long Covid symptoms can be different for each person, our team will be able to create a personalised package of care.

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