COVID-19 PCR Real Time Testing Centre

We are a UK Government approved private provider of COVID-19 PCR Real Time Testing Centre for General Testing, Fit to Fly Day 2 & 8 Testing and Test to Release.

What testing do we offer?

PhysioFunction are listed on the Government website as a provider of COVID-19 PCR Real Time Testing Centre for General Testing, Fit to Fly Day 2 & 8 Testing and Test to Release.

What testing do we offer?

Fit to Fly:

If you require a certificate to travel abroad, please ensure you book the correct date and time and in line with your air carrier and destination requirements. If you require specific information on your certificate (such as a flight number) please note this on the booking form.

Day 2 and 8 Testing

From 17th May if travelling from a green list country you only need to book a Day 2 test. If you are travelling from an amber list country, you will need to book a Day 2 and a Day 8 test. Please note that the day you arrive back is day 0. Day 1 is the next full day.

This test is not available for those who have travelled from or through a red list country. A list can be found on the following link.

Once you have made your booking you will receive an email from you with your unique booking reference number which is required for your passenger locator form.

Test to release:

The Test to Release for International Travel scheme is for people who need to self-isolate on arrival in England. Under the scheme you can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test. If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating. The earliest you can take the test is 5 full days after you left a place on the amber list. For full Scheme rules please visit If you test negative, you can stop self-isolating as soon as you receive the result.

General Testing:

General testing can be carried out If:

  • PCR testing for businesses

What will happen during the test?

You will drive into our car park at Hawthorn Park, Spratton NN6 8LD. At the appointment time you will then drive to the yellow gazebo and park under this. You do NOT exit your vehicle.

You will be given the swab testing kit and will self-administer the test obtaining a swab sample (using a long cotton bud) from the back of the throat and inside of the nose.

You will need to view the video and carefully read the instructions before attending in order that you can perform the test effectively.

Trained support staff will be able to clarify any questions that you may have about performing the test. Medical clinicians are also on site to provide further support if required.

The appointment is conducted under social distancing guidelines with full PPE.

Swabs are then taken to the laboratory on the same day for analysis and results are available by email within 24-48 hours from 5.30pm on day of test.

Testing is available Monday – Friday as per the link below.

Cancellations: Physiofunction requires a minimum of 24 hours-notice of a booking cancellation. Cancellations should be emailed to If the required notice is provided, we are able to refund you less the Eventbrite and Physiofunction costs.

Which PCR Tests are we using?

Our tests are supplied by 20/30 Labs who are a leading microbiological consultancy and UKAS testing facility. Self-administered testing is performed using a nasopharyngeal swab system which inactivates but preserves viral particles at the point of sampling. 20/30 Labs use PCR analysers which are highly sensitive. This means that it can detect individuals without symptoms - Asymptomatic Carriers- and the presence or otherwise of the virus of those with symptoms.

How much is a test?

Our test and analysis costs: £99.00*. *includes an admin fee.

If you need to book more than one test, please book the number of appointments for the number of tests required.

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Please be aware that we open a limited number of slots at a time. If the date you require is not currently showing, please check again closer to your preferred booking date.

To find us, we are on Google Maps or use Hydrock, Spratton in Sat Nav instead of the postcode.




Information about the Testing - Please READ.

The RT-PCR test performed by our UKAS accredited testing lab is highly sensitive to the presence of the genetic material of the virus that causes Covid-19.

A positive test with symptoms indicates that you are highly likely to have active Covid-19, and need to take the measures outlined by UK Government and Public Health England (PHE).

A positive test in the absence of symptoms can be interpreted as follows:

· At the time of the test, you were positive for Covid-19, but asymptomatic. You may or may not subsequently develop symptoms.

· You have come into direct or indirect contact e.g. through touching contaminated surfaces, with someone who is positive for Covid-19. The RT-PCR test has picked up the particles of this third party in your test sample.

The RT-PCR test cannot distinguish between the two scenarios. You should therefore need to take the measures outlined by UK Government and Public Health England (PHE) for a positive test.

If you are seeking “fit for flying” certification and you have had a positive test but do not have symptoms, we recommend that you seek the advice of your airline or travel agent, and travel insurer.