Hannah's Road to Recovery

An update on former client Hannah.

Life here is great. I've not been too well since I moved here, spending 14 weeks in hospital in three admissions. I didn't receive any physiotherapy whilst an inpatient and now can't walk again - boo! I am managing around home on my [very bruised and swollen!] knees and I have now reached the top of the physio waiting list, so am working on a gutter frame, for my permitted 5 sessions. The CCG won't pay for any physio as part of my care package, nor even fund access to a pool for me to practice alone. Hey ho.

But...l  live near the sea!! This last weekend was a brilliant free beach festival, http://www.paddleroundthepier..... Lots of music, stalls, talks, displays and races. But for me, the best bit? An Access beach! Because the beach here is pebbles rather than sand, I can't normally access the sea at all, let alone actually get into it. However, they had special beach wheelchairs, and lots of volunteers, so I had three [good looking!] men carrying me in on a surfboard and then keeping me afloat etc! Amazing! You should come down next year and compete in something!

Hannah On The Water

Hannah at the start of her treatment here at PhysioFunction.

An update on former client Hannah.

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