Emily's Progress

Follow Emily's journey leading her to PhysioFunction and beyond.

Emily was born with Dystonic Athetoid (Dyskinetic) Cerebal Palsy as a result of starvation of oxygen at birth.  This caused her to have poor balance and stamina and also speech difficulties. 

Emily attended a mainstream school where she studied amongst other things Music Technology and Art and Design and was seen by a physiotherapist regularly at school.  As with most neurological conditions She had good days and bad days.

Emily is now 19 years old and after being referred to PhysioFunction by her Case Manager, Emily met her neurological physiotherapist Claire Everett.  Emily and Claire went about setting the goal of improving her strength and stamina.

Claire tailor made Emily’s physiotherapy sessions to help her to reach her goals.  The weekly sessions incorporate hands on therapy, Neurofit classes (group classes aimed at clients with neurological conditions) and concentrate on improving her strength, balance and co-ordination.  

Emily is now attending a 1 year course at Moulton College where She is training to be a Sports Instructor.

Golf and Yoga are two of the sporting pursuits that interest Emily and it would fulfil her dream to become a Yoga instructor.  Arial Yoga  is of particular interest to Emily.

Since Emily started coming to PhysioFunction she has found that She is not as lethargic and her strength and stamina have improved.  Even though the sessions with Claire are quite demanding and often wear Emily out, She enjoys them which is great!  

Emily ‘s Father Paul stated when asked if he would recommend PhysioFunction ‘Absolutely!  The physiotherapists are friendly and the sessions are tailor made to suit the needs of each individual.’



Emily doing one of her exercises.
Emily during her classes

Follow Emily's journey leading her to PhysioFunction and beyond.

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