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Our Daughter was born with damage to her Cerebellum with an element of Ataxia.

Our daughter is now 6 years old. She was born with damage to her cerebellum with an element of Ataxia (poor co-ordination) since birth. This has resulted in delay with her developmental milestones. She would always be very unsteady not only whilst standing fully supported but also whilst sitting leading to recurrent falls.

We decided to get our daughter additional physiotherapy as the service provided by the NHS wasn’t often enough. We initially had a couple of information sessions with Hamza, where he explained the nature of problem and the possible outcomes it would have on her functional abilities. 

Our daughter is naturally anxious however Hamza gained her confidence. He has encouraged her to actively participate in therapy sessions through play therapy and other adaptive and creative approaches.

Over the years our daughter has made very good steady progress and has evolved as a confident child, Hamza has paid particular attention in making her a more independent person at home and at school.

Hamza has a sound professional knowledge and has always explained the rationale behind different movement patterns promoting development and more importantly the reasons explaining why she was struggling with specific movements.

The best part is seeing her engaging in therapy with a smiling face, you know the she is enjoying his therapy session; as a parent even the smallest of positive change to their physical and overall health status means a lot. 

Hamza’s professional approach has given my daughter an environment and opportunity to explore her little world and to me as a parent the most important thing is “the job of rehabilitation being done without the child realising it was a therapy session”

Our Daughter was born with damage to her Cerebellum with an element of Ataxia.

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